Major Mining Pools Have a ‘High Die-Off Rate’ Study Reveals

On Monday, published a study looking at hashrate history of the most competitive BTC mining pools. The research from the open source cryptocurrency analytics site reveals interesting insights...

Vertcoin 51% Attack Could Have Caused $100K in Double Spending

News Vertcoin has been experiencing ongoing 51% attacks, reportedly resulting in $100K of double spending on the network. Rough Couple of Months for VertcoinIn a detailed...

51% Attack Planned for Einsteineum

Altcoin News The crypto industry has been repeatedly rocked by hacks and theft, undermining trust in the ecosystem. These episodes typically occur without warning, leaving...

Mischief-Maker Promises to Livestream a 51% Altcoin Attack


Bittrex to Delist Bitcoin Gold Over 51% Attack

Over the last nine months, has reported on the many misfortunes the project Bitcoin Gold (BTG) has experienced. The forked protocol has been mired with issues and controversy...

Blockchain Technology Will Be ‘Obsolete,’ Says Prominent Geopolitical Forecaster

George Friedman, a well-respected Hungarian-born U.S. geopolitical forecaster and strategist on international affairs, believes blockchain technology will eventually become “obsolete” — and he may be right.‘It’ll be Obsolete’Geopolitical forecaster George...

Bitcoin Gold Plans Hard Fork to Prevent Further 51% Attacks

The Bitcoin Gold (BTG) team plans a hard fork as a solution to two pressing issues: the prevention of future 51% attacks and the threat of ASIC miners flooding its...

ZenCash Target of 51% Attack; Loses More than $500k in Double Spend Transactions

The ZenCash network was attacked earlier today via a 51% attack. The attacker managed to reorganize the blockchain multiple times, successfully double spending two transactions.Over $550,000 Double SpentZenCash is...

You Can Now 51% Attack a Coin for as Little as $500

This article originally appeared on Bitcoin News, Click here to visit.

Strike Three? Verge Suffers Third Suspected 51 Percent Attack

Verge (XVG), the privacy-focused cryptocurrency is the news once again as unconfirmed reports suggest that it has fallen victim to another 51 percent attack. If proven to be true,...

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Paxful Investing in Young African Leaders by Building Schools With Bitcoin

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Shift Card Sunsets, Leaving US Crypto Card Users With Few Options


Waste Management Firm Launches Blockchain Platform in UAE City

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